R8 Games announces that Pacer, a new anti-gravity racing and combat game, is released today on PS4 and PC with a price tag of $39.99; it will soon be available on Xbox One. It is described like an explosive game of races and action in which the players can run in a great variety of modes for a person, or with up to 10 players in the online mode with world-wide ranking. Compete against the best in the world and enjoy the tournament and spectator mode that facilitates streaming and increases the fun at all levels.

The game takes place in 2075, when the Pacer World Championship has become the new culmination of anti-gravity racing, providing high-speed competitions on the most dangerous and challenging circuits in the world. Companies and drivers from all over the world compete against each other in a battle of technical skill with the aim of winning the championship and achieving the final victory.

CoLD SToRAGE’s music and varied modes

Pacer offers 14 tracks with its night, mirror and reverse race variants, with eight game modes including classic race, elimination, endurance, Flowmentum and the most original, storm, which is inspired by the battle royale so popular in the shooter genre. In his campaign we will advance through different challenges with the intention of becoming the world champion.

The themes of his soundtrack include songs by Tim Wright, also known as CoLD SToRAGE, which will be a household name for veteran Wipeout players. There is also music by MethLab, Dub FX, Ed Harrison and many other composers that are under the umbrella of one of the world’s most creative independent labels, Warp Records. In total there are over 80 pieces of music by 45 artists.



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