Surely if someone proposes you to play a conversational RPG like those of yesteryear, you will think of other ways to spend your free time. However, you have to try AI Dungeon, a free role-playing adventure with which it is difficult not to be impressed. Its peculiarity? We could describe it as an infinite RPG since its story, and the challenges it proposes, are born from an artificial intelligence that will prove you to be the best dungeon master.

How to play AI Dungeon?

This RPG offers you, from the beginning, to choose the theme of the adventure. You can opt for a cyberpunk story, for the most traditional fantasy, for a zombie apocalypse or the most varied horror stories. From there… the unpredictable, because as you type the actions you perform, the artificial intelligence will expand the story, confronting you with new situations, new dangers or various crazy things. And it is addictive.

You can choose worlds already created, some of them for a fee, or design your can choose worlds already created, some of them for a fee, or design your own.

The great thing about this AI is that no matter how crazy the actions you propose are, it always finds a way to continue the story naturally, allowing you to enjoy an infinite story in which everything is possible, even if sometimes this story can be forced. Think what you want, propose real barbarities, AI Dungeon will know what to answer. And it is surprising.

To enjoy this striking role-playing experience, all you have to do is register on the AI Dungeon website. There is also a paid subscription that gives access to more configuration options and enhancements, such as audio narration. “AI Dungeon is just the beginning. Our goal is to use this artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way video games are made,” comment the authors of this experience. “AI will allow video games to feel more alive and dynamic, with your actions shaping the world in a meaningful way.”


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