It will be launched on 9 June and will feature physical editions on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, plus an Xbox One digital distribution launch.

Reco technology and Meridiem Games have presented a trailer for 1971 Project Helios, the turn-based strategy game that will be released on 9 June this year in physical format for the following PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms – it will also be released on Xbox One. It is developed by the Spanish studio RecoTechnology, authors of Numantia as well.

The title combines modern military tactics with close combat. “Firearms and vehicles are scarce, fighting and hostilities are endless, and a terrible cold annihilates friends and enemies. Eight characters must unite for a common cause: to find a major scientist, Dr. Margaret Blythe, kidnapped by a powerful militarized society,” says the editor. On their way, players must avoid bandits, investigate military enclaves, and infiltrate the territory of a dangerous cult that denies technology.

Following their trail, they will have to travel and fight side by side, inevitably getting to know each other better. Depending on certain strategic and personal decisions, you will guide these characters to one of three possible endings.


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