Microsoft has taken advantage of The Game Awards 2019 to reveal the first official details of its new console, the new Xbox. What we used to call Project Scarlett is now Xbox Series X.

We don’t know if it will be the definitive name when the console is released in 2020, but we already know what it looks like. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s video game department, showed it to us last night from the stage of The Game Awards 2019. The new Xbox looks like the CPU of a PC; one of those of the tower type (we will be able to place it in horizontal or vertical position).

The Xbox boss said that the new console, the Xbox X Series, will be the fastest and most powerful of all time. Well… that’s exactly what is expected, that it will be much faster and more powerful than the previous one. According to Spencer, it will enable development studios to unlock their full potential and take full advantage of their creativity.

The new console will be 4 times more powerful than Xbox One, but silent. It will be based on AMD’s Zen 2 platform, just like the Ryzen 3000. The graphics will be based on the RDNA platform, just like the Radeon RX 5700 XT. That way it will be able to give a 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, being able to reach a rate of 120 and support for 8K.

As explained by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X will incorporate a solid-state drive, reducing, almost eliminating, load times. Developers will be able to get more out of the GPU thanks to variable shading speed.

The new Xbox will be launched at Christmas 2020 with a new wireless controller. It will have a share button for content sharing and a d-pad derived from the Xbox Elite Series 2. The new controller will support Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and Windows 10.


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