Do you feel like trying out the new Microsoft Flight Simulator but don’t have a computer that runs well? To calm those desires, we bring you a project that will allow you to try the first four games of the flight simulation saga for free. Although you encourage more to buy new components for your computers.

Through this link you can know FSHistory, a project made and programmed by Sebastian Macke, created with the intention of publicizing the history of Flight Simulator, which is in the mouth of all during the last weeks due to the publication of its new delivery. It is a saga with a lot of history and from this initiative you can see how the first four games were, published between 1982 and 1989 and see the evolutionary jump.

The navigation is simple and at the bottom of the screen you can choose the version of the game you want to play. As it is for a browser, its handling is very simple, and you can enjoy it without too many problems with keyboard and mouse. Another alternative is to try it on mobile devices, for which this tribute to the simulated flight saga par excellence has also been optimized.

These four games can serve to prove, despite its obvious graphic finish, typical of the time, that the saga has always sought realism. And it can be seen in the use of its controls, which show that flying a plane correctly is not easy.


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