About a year ago, The Elder Scrolls: Blades came to iOS and Android as early access. It’s a somewhat unusual experience in the series, mainly because of its mobile gameplay and business model, but also one that Nintendo Switch users have been waiting for – partly due to the delays caused by the coronavirus crisis.

In the last few days, the most attentive gamers had discovered that the game’s eShop tab had been updated with a release date that disappeared shortly thereafter. It pointed to May 12th, which was logically a failure, but finally Bethesda has released the complete game without any other hint or warning: you can now download it to the hybrid console.

There are two versions available: the base game, without any extras; and the Quick Start Edition pack. The latter, available for 14.99 euros, includes “an armor and powerful weapon that once belonged to Durak gro-Batul, Bloodfall King” as well as 30,000 gold (the basic currency), 2,000 gems (premium currency), scrolls and building materials.


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