Most of the games you will find in this list are free-to-play games. It’s one of the main ways to get money to develop them, to make them free and then to put in micro-payments to get advantages or more speed in unlocking things. But you’ll also find some open source and totally free games that are complete and where there will be no payment option.


It is a post-apocalyptic action online multiplayer game, where you will have to get into your battle vehicle/machine to face your opponents and destroy them. It has a very Mad Max-inspired aesthetic, and its battles are player vs. player in online mode.

The base game is free, although several packs or paid DLCs are available on Steam, and they don’t come cheap. The vehicles you play with can be created using a wide range of modules, with thousands of possible combinations, a huge arsenal, and the possibility of trading with other players or buying pieces with your money.

Nitro Nation 6

A game of drag race competitions, which are those of accelerating to see who travels a distance first. In this title, which by the way is also available on mobile phones, you will have to forget about anything other than accelerating and concentrate on changing gear at the right time. No swerving, no impossible turns.

The game uses real cars with the possibility of improving them in the garage with upgrades that you have to buy, either with the money you earn in the race or by putting something in your pocket.

Project CARS – Pagani Edition

Project CARS’ is an excellent one inspired by classics such as ‘Gran Turismo’, which in 2016 launched a free version exclusively for Steam. The version is limited to only five vehicles and two tracks, but it’s a great way to get a free ride on a top-notch game.

This version of the game includes the Pagani Huayra, Huayra BC, Zonda Cinque, Zonda R and Zonda Revolucion cars, as well as the Nürburgring and Nordschleife circuits, Monza GP and Costa Azul for testing. It also includes full support for virtual reality, and the single race and time trial modes.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

Raceroom Racing Experience is a free racing game that is in continuous development, with several game modes and a marked social orientation. Part of the game is free, since all the users will have five vehicles and two tracks to compete, a repertoire that later you will be able to extend in its online store, in which you have more than 25 official manufacturers and tracks around the world.

The game has three difficulty levels, and you can play it alone in single player mode or with others with its multiplayer. You can decide whether to stay with the free content and pay, and from time to time there are sponsored competitions and events that allow you to play for free in addition to your paid content.

Super TuxKart

Tux is the penguin that plays the mascot for Linux, so it’s not surprising that this is the second open source project where you find him as one of the protagonists. This is Super TuxKart, possibly one of the most classic car games on GNU/Linux, and which is also available on other operating systems.

The game is presented as an alternative to Super Mario Kart, and in fact the way to play it is exactly the same. You will have to choose a character from the different mascots of open source projects, and compete on colorful tracks while collecting power-ups that help you beat your rivals.


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