Curve Digital has announced The Ascent, a science fiction and cyberpunk ARPG developed by Swedish studio Neon Giant for Xbox One, Xbox Series X (with Smart Delivery) and PC (Steam). The title, which will allow you to complete your campaign alone or in co-op mode, will be available on all three platforms later this year, at a date yet to be determined.

The Ascent takes place in a self-contained, corporate-run metropolis filled with creatures from across the galaxy. The player takes on the role of a worker enslaved by the company that owns the rest of the district. During a routine job, the protagonist is involved in a series of catastrophic events that result in the mysterious closing down of The Ascent, the largest mega-corporation on the planet, an action that disables automated security systems.

With its defenses gone, the district’s survival is exposed and competing companies try to take over by force and organized crime groups try to increase their activity on the black market. It is time to take up arms to prevent them from taking control and to undertake a new mission to find out what has happened.


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