Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, is one of the great battle royale of the scene, with permission from the onmipotent Fortnite. It was one of the videogames with millionaire profits of 2018.

But it has problems in countries with undemocratic uses. This is the case of Iran, where it was banned; Nepal, where the same thing happened, although the decision was later rectified; or China. The Chinese state, which controls everything with an iron fist, frequently attacks video games. In December we learned that the authorities were considering banning Fortnite and PUBG for their gore and vulgar content.

Recently, the Chinese authorities reinforced the measures to be able to approve the release of a video game. The demands have increased, and that also affects big companies, such as Tencent. The company has admitted that it failed in its attempt to launch PUBG in China. They haven’t got all the necessary permits to market and monetize their battle royale. So they renounced their launch in the Asian country.

But Tencent was not going to say goodbye to the millionaire Chinese market. The strategy has been to change the battle royale name and appearance. And it worked. PUBG, from the studio Lightstpeed in collaboration with Bluehole, has changed its name to Game for Peace and this new videogame is already on the market.

The authorities have approved it, including its monetization. And this is because this title does reflect the values of China (according to the Chinese Communist Party). It turns out that Game for Peace pays tribute to the Chinese air force. In addition, it helps that the game looks a lot like PUBG in its mechanics. In fact, even the Chinese administration accepted that PUBG Mobile’s accounts could be migrated to the new title.

When it came to boxing, Tencent was right. The game, a free-to-play mobile game, is already a bestseller in just a few days. In the first three days and only in phones and tablets with iOS has achieved more than 14 million dollars.


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