Auroch Digital and The Irregular Corporation have just announced that Mars Horizon will be available in 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s a space simulation and management adventure in which players take control of a space agency in the 1950s and lead it through the ages to Mars.

In this way, Mars Horizon allows the history of the Space Race to be rewritten in our own way, directing all aspects of a space program from its origins to the future. This means managing the agency’s resources, building and expanding its facilities, creating our own rockets piece by piece and planning the astronauts’ missions.

But plans don’t have to go well, and critical problems can arise in missions that put their outcome and the lives of astronauts at risk unless we make the right decisions to resolve them. According to Auroch Digital, planning will be very important in the game, and there will also be giant technology trees with multiple possibilities to progress and develop our program.


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