Nintendo has announced that on Thursday 5 December players of Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch will receive a free 2.0 update that includes important new features. These include the Master Sword, an object from The Legend of Zelda series that transforms Mario into Link, a change that goes beyond the appearance. We also have new level elements and the new Ninji speedrun mode.

With the Super Mario Maker 2.0 update, it will be possible to place a Master Sword inside a block, as long as you play with the look and feel of Super Mario Bros. Once the sword is picked up, Mario becomes Link and can use all the classic moves of the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise. This includes attacking with the sword, protecting yourself with the shield, assaulting in a race or taking a lunge in the air (from top to bottom).

Link also has weapons beyond the sword. The bow allows you to shoot arrows in three different directions to reach objects and the bomb can destroy blocks that prevent you from moving forward.

Among the new level elements is Spike, a creature that spits metal balls from spikes and then throws them away. You have to dodge them in order not to lose a life, but they can also be used to hit a block or break it and even use them as a platform for passing. As an enemy is also added to Pokey, a creature composed of spiked spheres that can be dodged or eliminated by fireballs or a hungry Yoshi. Pokeys can have different heights, they float in the air (at night) and if they have wings they chase the player.

Super Mario Maker 2 also gets three new block types thanks to the 2.0 update. The frozen coin behaves similarly to the ice block, but can be accessed by throwing fire at it (in different ways); the P Block features solid, unbreakable blocks, which appear briefly when you step on the P switch; and the turbo Block available in the Super Mario 3D World appearance can be stepped on for high speed and more generous jumps.

To finish off this review of all the new features in the Super Mario Maker 2.0 update, we have a new speedrun mode called Ninji. In this time trial mode, players will compete for the best time in Nintendo-created levels, and as they do so, they’ll see the ghosts of other users. The company promises to add new levels periodically.


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