Super Mario Maker 2 debuted last June 28th exclusively, of course, for Nintendo Switch. One of the most eye-catching features of the new installment of our plumber is the possibility of designing levels and sharing them online. So much so that fans have already created more than 4 million levels.

From Japan, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker 2 has reached those 4 million levels as of July 28, a month after the release of the game. A few days ago, the company decided to increase from 32 to 64 levels the number of creations, of self-created levels, that can be published by users. To help with this, Nintendo has created a level so that players who are less accustomed to these tasks can test the power of Super Mario Maker 2. In this kind of tutorial to learn how to create a level explains how the hammer of Super Mario can transform characters into builders, destroy obstacles, build platforms or defeat enemies.

Many players have had to spend hours in front of the game to create some levels, as they are not only visually amazing, but also complex (to design and overcome) and challenging. These are some of the best levels that have been created, as selected by Shacknews.

Super Mario Maker 2 sales are proving to be an absolute success in all markets. As an example, in the first three days on sale (June 28, 29 and 30), the Nintendo title sold 2.42 million units.


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