A week ago Microsoft started promoting Windows 1.0, its first operating system. Through its Twitter account, it announced that it would launch a new Windows 1.

Now, the company has officially published its availability for download in the Microsoft Store, announcing the date in a tweet that hid the message in Morse code. This new application based on Windows 1 of 1985, called Windows 1.11, includes exclusive content and retro games set in the television series Stranger Things, and is now available for download. “Join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and the entire band as they seek to save Hawkins and the world,” Microsoft says in the description.

Windows 1.11 is a new application for Windows 10 computers, which have a version 10240.0 or higher, centered on Stranger Things 3, the retro videogame inspired by the third season of Stranger Things. The application follows the aesthetics of the old Windows 1 system, launched in 1985 – the same year in which the third season of Stranger Things takes place – with the format of games and files that were used at the time. Microsoft explains that Windows 1.11 is inspired by “a Windows 1.0 that has been taken over by Stranger Things’ Back to Front World”. It would then be an alternative reality or dimension that exists in parallel with the human world in the series.

The game description reads: “Explore the mysteries and secrets invading Hawkins, unlock unique series content and Easter eggs, and play ancient games and puzzles”. The retro game adds to the Stranger Things video game presented by Netflix at the recent E3 in Los Angeles. In the title, which like the series, plays with the nostalgia of players showing a 16-bit look, we can explore Hawkins putting ourselves in the shoes of the 12 main characters of the series. We will have to face the dangers of the Back to Front World and The Mind Flayer, which will try to drive us crazy.

Stranger Things 3: The Game has been available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC since 4 July.


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