Finding a Nintendo Switch in the United States and other countries is complicated, in part because speculators are using a free bot to buy up all the stock.

Nintendo Switch is sold out in several territories. The Japanese company stopped distributing consoles to Japanese stores for a while, although the situation returned to normal last week, according to Nintendo. The brand’s North American division admitted that they are having supply problems in certain stores and territories in the United States, but said that more consoles are on the way. Motherboard’s research sheds light on this issue: The complications in finding a Switch are not only due to increased demand caused by isolation during the coronavirus, but also by a free bot that is used by hundreds of speculators in North America.

Bird Bot is a free access web application that can easily be configured to detect any Nintendo Switch system available at major retailers in the US, and adds them to the online cart. Users of the bot buy them in large quantities and then sell them at a much higher price than recommended through eBay and other portals. While Switch costs between $300 and $330 in the United States (each state has its own taxes), they are being sold on the second-hand market for $500 and even $750 in the case of Animal Crossing’s special model: New Horizons.


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