The Sony Corporation is still in full swing. The latest, the acquisition of video game studio Insomiac Games by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which the company announced last Monday.

The Burbank-based studio was in charge of video games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, which means that, with the purchase of Sony, the company has total control over one of Marvel’s favorite superheroes, Spider-Man. “Once the acquisition is complete, Insomniac Games will join the global development operation of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios and become the fourteenth studio to join the family,” reports Sony in a press release.

This news comes almost at the same time as the tragic break-up of Disney (to whom Marvel belongs) and Sony that has devastated fans of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe. The two companies have not reached an agreement regarding their collaboration on future films about the arachnid superhero (played by Tom Holland).

Apparently, the trigger has been that Sony refuses to produce more Spider-Man films if Kevin Feige does not participate in them and, being in charge of many other Marvel projects, this is, for the moment, impossible. “We hope this situation will change in the future, but we understand that the amount of responsibility Disney has given him doesn’t allow him time to work on a character they don’t own. Kevin is wonderful and we are very grateful for all his help and advice, we appreciate the path he has helped us to build, which we will continue,” said a Sony representative.


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