Silent Hill is the subject of new rumours. The iconic horror saga could enjoy a resurgence as soon as PlayStation 5 enters the field. The latest supposed information on the subject points out that the new project would already be playable on Sony’s next generation platform; furthermore, they indicate that the company would be preparing the debut of a demonstration once the PS5 presentation event takes place.

Dusk Golem, who has proven to be a reliable source of information, has shared through its social networks a flood of details about the next installment of the horror series. He points out that the project is approached as a reboot, so that it can be “the first Silent Hill” that a player plays. In addition, the demo will be shown shortly after the rumoured PlayStation 5 launch event, which is scheduled for June.

On the other hand, the source points out that Sony has not bought Konami’s IP and that this game has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills, something that will probably never see the light of day. Instead, it features names that made the original saga possible, such as Keiichiro Toyama, Akira Yamaoka, and Masahiro Ito.


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