SEGA has released a new Yakuza gameplay: Like a Dragon. The game is the seventh installment of the saga, and features a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, and a new location. It will serve as a “reboot” for players who want to join the saga. In Japan, the game was released on January 16, 2020.

As we learned last May, the new Yakuza Team game will be available for launch on Xbox Series X.

The new Yakuza game will change its beat’em’up combat to a more RPG-like system, and new screenshots have shown more information on how the battles will work. We see a very clean transition between battle and fighting, and the player interacting with the other team members, who can be given commands and who have abilities based on their personality and characteristics. One of the novelties is that there will be a class system with 19 different classes that we can choose for our characters, and that will be based on real life jobs. In addition, each class will have its own costumes, which we can use to customize the characters, and more costumes will be added as “post-launch content”.


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