SEGA brings back a nostalgic festival with the best classic video games from the iconic SEGA Mega Drive console, in a miniature version of the platform treated with great attention to detail.

SEGA Mega Drive Mini is based on the original model 1 of Mega Drive which was released in November 1990 and is approximately 55% the size of the original. The console went on sale this Friday with a retail price of 79.99 dollars, and includes 42 games, two three-button USB replica controllers of the Mega Drive controllers, a USB to Micro-B power cable and an HDMI cable.

Fans will be able to run the iconic Sonic The Hedgehog and its friends again, play to the limit with the great Golden Axe conversion, enjoy how good the sensational Streets of Rage 2 looks, feels and hears, as well as the side-scrolling masterpiece Gunstar Heroes, which still looks amazing today, and revisit Castle of Illusion with Mickey and Donald in a high-quality Disney platform game. It also includes two additional titles not originally released for SEGA Mega Drive: the iconic Tetris and Darius, the classic shoot’em up game.


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