SNK has announced the release date of their long-awaited Samurai Shodown Collection, confirming that this collection of seven legendary NEO GEO fighting games will be released first at the Epic Games Store, and will be available as a free game! For an entire week, fans will be able to get this compilation for free, which will soon land on Steam and consoles.

Epic Games Store users will be able to get their hands on this collection of fighting games on June 11th, but it’s not the only franchise related title to be released on the platform, as the latest chapter in the saga – the remarkable Samurai Shodown – goes on sale on the same day.

Samurai Shodown Collection will be released on Steam on 18 June and on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on 28 July (no mention of Xbox One). After the good taste left by the last installment of the series, SNK proposes to revive its best classic moments with a collection that brings six Samurai Shodown video games from the time of Neo Geo, plus an extra title that was never released: Samurai Shodown V Perfect.

Each of these titles will have online options, as well as a “museum” that includes music, interviews with their creators, documents related to the development and other content that will undoubtedly attract loyal Samurai Shodown fans.


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