Rise of Factions: Sparta is now LIVE on Kickstarter. The first foray for new independent games developer Polyinteractive games will see them crafting a simplified real time strategy game which takes inspiration from the likes of Total War, Rise of Rome and Apotheon. It brings to life the glorious ancient Spartan campaigns which can be seen depicted on pottery from that time.

You, as the newly established Spartan commander, have been tasked with the conquest of the ancient greek peninsula. You must battle your way through all of the different factions, culminating in the historic clash with the immortal Persians. You will have access to over 15 unique Spartan combat units, all of whom will have their own individual strengths, weaknesses and abilities. To overcome your enemies you must make use of different lanes within the battlefield, using your keen eye for tactics to outsmart your opponents.

Rise Of Factions: Sparta will include:

  • 15+ Playable combat units all with their own unique abilities.
  • 30+ Playable levels in the campaign.
  • 13 Different factions for the player to conquer
  • Low polygon, stylized art style reminiscent of ancient greek pottery.
  • 20+ Morale cards to for the player to unlock to help boost their army before each battle.
  • A full, detailed glossary of each of the Spartan units, their equipment and the factions within the game.


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