This new update to Red Dead Online arrives on September 10th.

Red Dead Redemption 2, available for PS4 and Xbox One, has its online version since late 2018. In this time has already received several updates, but the one that arrives in a week is the most powerful and will revitalize Red Dead Online.

This update is presented as the most important so far for the amount of content and possibilities it brings. Specifically, the most striking is the new role system that incorporates the title of Wild West. Rockstar Games explains that this new role system for the videogame will allow players to live a more intense experience.  These roles will offer special missions, daily challenges and allow the gamer to link to the world of Red Dead Redemption from the perspective of each of these activities. Initially, there are three roles: bounty hunter, merchant and collector.

Bounty hunter

Once the license is obtained (bought), we can activate missions by visiting the reward boards in police stations, post offices and train stations. The goal is to kill outlaws and even other players. We can even form a group if it’s a gang of criminals.


This role means becoming a partner of the emerging Cripps Trading Company. We’ll set up our camp and turn it into a big business. We will have to hunt and buy materials and then sell them in caravans and trade routes. Not everything will be numbers, because those caravans will not be without dangers.


You will have to contact Madam Nazar, the mysterious street vendor, to start your career as a collector. By the hand of this woman, thanks to her gifts as a merchant, we will do business with the treasures we find in the Wild West.


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