The looting boxes are going down. We already told a few days ago that in recent months gamers are spending less on microtransactions and additional content. They seem to have taken note in Playerunknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) and they are going to eliminate the closed chests.

The PUBG development team has advanced that closed chests will cease to exist in the game. It will be, as detailed, from next December 18. From that moment we will have access to the content of the coffers using the BP points.

Until now, at least playing PUBG on PC, we could get a closed chest using BP points and also buying a key through Steam Market. Only then could we open the chest.

From December, we will have the freedom to open chests without spending money. In addition, the developers of PUBG assure that they will improve the content of the coffers.

According to a Superdata analysis, in 2019 there is a decrease in spending on microtransactions and additional content on consoles and PCs. During the third quarter of this fiscal year, 51% of players did not spend money on microtransactions or additional content.


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