Did you think PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was in a slump? Think again.

Although most of the headlines these days are carried by Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, the truth is that PUBG is still tremendously popular. And proof of that is the revenue it generated over the last month, made public by the analysis firm Sensor Tower.

Specifically, PUBG Mobile collected a whopping $226 million during the month of May. Analysts cite the coronavirus and the resulting confinement of millions of people as the main reason for these results.

Not only that, but the game grew over the same period last year by 41%, becoming the mobile video game that currently generates the most revenue.

Good news for Tencent Games, which also saw how this same month of May the income generated by another of its games, Honour of Kings, increased by 42% compared to 2019 to reach 204.5 million dollars.


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