Don’t you know what to play this weekend? Luckily, Valve’s platform always has something to offer in this respect to cover those needs. This time you can bring a few friends to play a few games.

PUBG is played for free this weekend on Steam. You know, the Battle Royale that started all this fever (not the first one, mind you, but maybe the one that knew how to hit the nail) before Fortnite stole the throne. Nevertheless, the title is still quite alive and it doesn’t stop receiving news.

The promotion will last three days from today, and you can already download it to start playing. However, remember that this is only a free trial, so you won’t keep it forever. If you want to continue playing when it’s over, you’ll have to buy the game, but luckily it’s half off.

That said, now is a great time to jump into PUBG, as it has recently received some pretty interesting updates that are keeping it fresh, such as Vikendi’s map renovation.

The complete game is included in this test without any limitation, except for the shop, of course.


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