Sony has announced a digital launch event where they will showcase the games that can be played after the launch of PlayStation 5 this Christmas.

The launch of the first PlayStation 5 games will take place on Thursday, June 4th at 1:00 PM PDT. Sony has announced the rumored digital event through a PlayStation Blog post signed by Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan. The presentation will last “just over an hour” and will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch.

A video, inserted above these lines, has been posted next to the announcement where you can hear what appears to be the sound of the console starting up. During the few seconds that the teaser lasts, the Dualsense, the PS5 controller, is shown; although it seems to be a black version, it may be due to the lighting chosen, as there are still differences in tone between different areas of the pad.

The director assures that the spectators will be able to “take a look at the video games that you will be able to play after the launch of PlayStation 5 this Christmas”, which leaves doubts about whether we will see the titles with which the console will be accompanied or games that will be published after the launch of the machine.


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