We’re getting closer to see the next generation of consoles. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said recently that the games catalogue will be released very soon, and Jason Ronald, engineer of the company, said that there are demos prepared and big surprises that we will see soon.

With all eyes on May, Spencer has once again made a statement about what awaits us in this game catalogue. “I am very focused on the work we are doing around Dynamic Latency Input (DLI),” the executive said in a Twitter posting. “From my perspective, the feel of next-generation games will change as dramatically as from 2D to 3D, given the improvement in CPUs, DLI, bandwidth and SSDs,” Spencer said.

Many already claim that the next generation of consoles will be SSD-centric, but the truth is that the technology leap promises to be complete. A group of industry developers recently spoke about the possibilities that Xbox Series X DirectX Raytracing will offer, as it could completely change the concept we currently have of the open world or stealth game.


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