Although XBOX One and Wii U were released before, PS4 seems to be taking a bigger share of the console market since november 2013 and, in terms of sales, is outperforming noticeably its rivals.

A lot of people couldn’t care less who’s “winning” or “losing” the console wars, because they realize it’s a piece of gaming hardware, not a personal relationship but another lot of people want to know who sells more consoles (i.e.: people who want to buy a new one and want the one with critical mass to survive a long time).  There’s no official data from each company about their monthly or quarterly sales and data must be collected from sellers and/or from regional distributors and VGchartz publishes sales data, since the launch of the device, which show an absolute dominance of PS4 in the global markets, almost doubling its rivals. Surprisingly, Wii U  resists very near of XBOX One.

Playstation 4: 23,217,798
XBOX One: 12,835,320
Wii U:  9.727,909


The sales executive of any of the companies could be happy with these data but if we take the same sales data available in the same source for the sales of a month (may), things seems to be pretty different:

Playstation 4: 617,578
XBOX One: 272,955
Wii U:  141,426

In the last month of may, PS4 largely doubled the sales of the XBOX One and Wii U sold the half units than Microsoft’s console. Year-over-year monthly sales are up for PS4 and Xbox One, but for Wii U sales have gone down. Even tho Wii U has portrayed itself as a different type of console owing to the type of games it hosts, but given that the console was first released to the customers in 2012 which is roughly a year before the release of Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Xbox has steadily moved toward cheaper prices, and one of the things that Sony didn’t announce at E3 this year was a price cut that would have kept pace. A standard Xbox now costs $50 less than a standard PlayStation  and you still save some dollars more if you take some adavantage of the online sales. Combined with Microsoft’s announcement that the Xbox One will be able to run older games, this change could affect the balance of power as the two companies battle to win the loyalty of the most enthusiastic gamers. PlayStation’s decision not to follow suit was seen as a surprise in some corners of the gaming industry.

Price is likely to become more of an issue the farther the companies expand beyond sales to early adopters. For the last two years, millions of so-called core gamers have purchased Xboxes and Playstations—but mostly Playstations.

As time goes on, several dynamics start pushing down prices. The companies get better at making consoles and start benefiting from economics of scale in manufacturing, as well as incremental improvements in making the consoles’ components.

Anyway, it looks like Nintendo intends to come back strong with a new console called the NX which the company confirmed was not a replacement for the 3DS and Wii U and the Nintendo president Satoru Iwata assured fans that intend won’t be dropping support for both of these platforms anytime soon.



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