Sony has announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, April 1 to June 30. During this period, 1.9 million consoles were sold, bringing the total number of consoles to 112.3 million units, at a better rate than PS2. The company acknowledges some problems in production and supply chain during this year – due to the coronavirus – but assures that these problems are already solved. In return, game downloads and subscriptions to PS Plus or PS now have grown significantly.

As for the launch of PS5, which still has no confirmed date -it is expected in Spain by the end of the year-, Sony continues with its plan to have it arrive before Christmas, without major problems due to the coronavirus in the production of games in PlayStation Studios or its partners.

This interest of players in digital distribution has achieved record operating revenues: 5,630 million in revenues and 1,152 million in profits during this quarter, something never achieved by PlayStation or any other console manufacturer in a first quarter; in fact, it is also better than any quarter achieved by Xbox -including the periods from October to December-. Forecasts for the fiscal year have been significantly raised by expectations with the launch of PS5, but no figures have been given.

This quarter saw 91 million games sold – excluding download-only games – and is the best first quarter in the industry. The last three Q1s – Q1 2018, Q1 2019 and Q1 2020 – have been record-breaking, and PS4 is the only console to exceed 40 million games sold in all of those periods. In total, almost 1.3 billion games have been sold – excluding those that are only distributed digitally. 74% of the games in recent months were sold on the PlayStation Network, although this is a special figure due to the confinement and is expected to fall in the coming quarters.

The number of PS Plus subscribers is 41.8 million; in the first quarter of 2019 it was 36.2 million.

The best-selling PlayStations

1. PlayStation 2 Over 155 million
2. PlayStation 4 112.3 million
3. PlayStation 102.4 million
4. PlayStation 3  87.4 million
5. PSP 76.4 million
6. PS Vita  16 million


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