Sony has just presented its financial results for the first quarter of the year, and although this year has been somewhat more complicated for the company due to the reduced catalogue of AAA games in comparison with previous quarters, which had launches such as Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War, among others, the PS4 continues breaking records and increasing its installed base, as well as PS Plus subscribers.

On numbers, figures scare: Sony has already sold 100 million consoles cumulatively, and although it is still far from the success of PS2, today’s mobile and other competitors make the market more complicated, but still remains a record at a time when the generation of consoles is in its last year of full life, as the new consoles are expected to arrive next year.

However, the PS4 has been the fastest console to reach 100 million units sold, so the health of Sony’s desktop is formidable since its launch. In total, more than three million consoles have been sold by the company in the last quarter, which showed a cumulative figure of 96.8 million units.

On the PS Plus figures, the company already has 36.2 million subscribers who religiously pay the fee, so the company’s revenues, beyond software and games do nothing but increase, even though it has received a slowdown in its console division of 3% in this quarter, motivated by the time of year, the shortage of games and confirmations about the arrival of PS5.


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