Slightly Mad Studios, Codemasters and Bandai Namco have released Project Cars 3, the third instalment of the driving simulator, with a cinematic trailer made using the game’s graphics engine which you can see below. The title was announced in 2018 and will arrive sometime in the summer of 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The video gives a glimpse of the vehicle’s internal and cosmetic customisation options, the variety of cars that players will have at their disposal, the existence of closed circuits, mountain races and tracks laid out in large cities, as well as visual enhancements.

Project Cars 3 will have more than 200 cars, both racing and road cars, that can be customized to the player’s taste, or to adapt them to the more than 140 circuits in which we will participate in unspecified “new game modes”. As challenges are overcome you will receive credits and experience that can be used to buy cars and modify them, improve them and change the look of our driver.

From the Slightly Mad Studios website they promise a “deeply engaging race mode”, new multiplayer and community modes, daily challenges and competitions that will take you from “a weekend warrior to a driving legend”.


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