The debut will be in an early access format. It is inspired by the most intense and direct FPS of the 1990s.

Although Prodeus was originally announced in 2018, it is only now that we have been able to see this game in action, inspired by the titles in the genre of the 1990s and its commitment, according to those in charge, to hyperviolence. The title will be released this autumn on PC via Steam’s early access system.

This is a game that, as its promotional video shows, puts all its attention on weapons and on blowing up massive amounts of enemies. In addition to the intense direct action, the game will also offer a level editor for the community. In this way they hope to make it easier for users to create more levels and share them with other players.

Going for a nine-year-old style, the game promises undistracted action with a story reduced to a minimum with retro graphics that seek to enhance the three-dimensional aesthetics of the era with various effects that improve the overall result, offering a combination of several decades ago aesthetics with much more current resources to face zombies, demonic dogs, and all kinds of creatures that could come from deep space.


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