If a game is good, it can continue to entertain us even if decades pass since its release. This is the case with ‘Pong’, a video game published by Atari in late 1972, created by Nolan Bushnell and inspired by table tennis. Today we are going to take it a step further with ‘Balls Royale’, a game that proposes to mix it with a current genre: the Battle Royale.

This game is available for Windows, and currently on Steam costs 1.99 euros. The creators of this game claim that “Pong is boring”, so it’s time to “turn it into a Battle Royale”.

That means that, instead of the classic Pong in which two people play against each other, in Balls Royale they propose that fifty people compete against each other to see if they are able to “defend their base”.

That means that we will start in a giant circle, full of balls that we must try to return to defend our “base”. As we destroy the bases of our enemies, this circle will get smaller, until there are only two participants left.

There is also the possibility of playing alone, facing offline from nine to forty-nine bots, and applying different speeds or levels of difficulty.


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