Pokemon Masters, the new free downloadable game for mobile devices (iOS and Android), arrives this summer. And it does so with new methods of combat, such as real-time three-on-three games.

The Pokemon Company has introduced new features.

Pokemon Masters is an adventure in which we will team up with other Trainers and their fellow Pokemon. The game will take place on Passio Island where, for the first time in a Pokemon game, coaches from different regions will be in the same location.

The official Pokemon website explains that the rules governing combat are completely new. So, the ties between Trainers and Pokemon will evolve due to the pairs of mates. Initially, in Pokemon Masters we will have 65 pairs of mates available with which we can form a team, such as Corelia and Lucario, Bruno and Treecko or Débora and Kingdra, among others, and little by little more will be added. As we move forward we will meet many coaches. We will be able to form teams of three pairs of mates, that is to say, three Coaches together with their three companions Pokemon, and to fight to their side against rival teams, controlled by the Artificial Intelligence.

The key to Pokemon Masters battles is that we direct our team while paying attention to the movement bar, which fills up over time, using the right movements at the right time. The ultimate goal of the game is to win the World Pokemon Masters tournament.


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