This weekend there will also be games to try for free, and one of them will be Far Cry 5. If you like the idea, you can play from Friday 29th May until Sunday 31st (check your local time). You can already preload the game from Uplay, which will be a relief if you have a slow internet connection. The game weighs just over 35 GB, with the possibility of downloading an HD texture pack which, of course, increases its weight.

“If you want more Far Cry 5 by the end of the free weekend, you can get the Standard and Gold editions of the game for up to 75% off” reads the Ubisoft blog. “You can also buy the season pass, Deluxe pack and individual DLCs at 50%. Any progress you make over the free weekend will be transferred to the purchased version of the game, so you can continue playing right where you left off.

Far Cry 5 takes us on a journey to explore the fictional region of Hope County, Montana; full of amazing horizons in an open-world approach where gunshots, powerful vehicles and wild animals remain paramount. The adventure pits us against a religious sect led by the villain Joseph Seed.


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