Although so far all that is known is based on rumors and little clues, Persona 4 Golden will have a PC version that will be available via Steam on June 13. The plan to announce the game during the PC Gaming Show 2020 this Saturday. Atlus has already confirmed that it is one of the dozens of companies that will participate in the event.

So far, the title page has appeared on the Denuvo support website, a couple of icons have been discovered in the Steam content distribution network and SteamDB, a site that monitors information about games available at the Valve store, already has a Persona 4 Golden file. Some rumors also hold that Persona 4 Golden will arrive on Steam along with Persona 3.

Persona 4 Golden is a role-playing game with simulation elements whose action takes place in a small, fictional village in Japan known as Inaba, where the main character moves to live with some relatives. The action starts when a series of mysterious murders take place and our hero along with a group of allies accidentally discovers TV World, a surreal universe where they meet Teddie, a character that allows them to travel between that world and the real one.

The launch of Persona 4 Golden dates back to 2012 on PlayStation Vita and is an expanded and improved version of Persona 4, available since 2008 on PlayStation 2. New features include new social ties (friendships) and expanded stories that allow potential plot twists to discover new endings.


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