Following the success of Pokémon GO and the recent launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Japanese company Miraire has announced the launch of Tsubasa +, a new augmented reality mobile video game based on the mythical anime Oliver and Benji.

The company has announced that it will arrive in early 2020 and that it will be available for Android and iOS in different countries around the world, including all of Europe.

Yoshiki Okamoto, known for working on Monster Hunter and Street Fighter II, is one of the creators of this “Oliver and Benji Go”. The game will feature the main characters of the anime and users will have to face them in stadiums scattered around the map, similar to the gymnasiums of Pokémon Go. They will be able to choose a football team to belong to, then create their own stadiums and compete against other players.

It seems that Europe will be the first destination of the game, as on the Tsubasa + website appear a multitude of cities like Barcelona, Turin or Paris.


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