Last Friday, Nintendo America filed two lawsuits against stores that sell Team Xecuter software and products that the company believes have the sole purpose of “playing pirated games” from Nintendo Switch, according to Polygon and TorrentFreak. The first lawsuit filed in Ohio court is directed at the head of UberChips, while the second filed in Seattle court has several Team Xecuter authorized distributors as defendants.

“Specifically, the accused sites sell products from an anonymous hacker group called Team Xecuter,” says Nintendo America in the two lawsuits. “Team Xecuter illegally designed and manufactured an unauthorized operating system called SX OS and supplied it with pirated tools [SX Pro] to install it. Nintendo explains that, in addition to breaking the security of its system in order to play “pirated games,” Team Xecuter software and products allow copies of legal titles to be made illegally without protection.

Nintendo is now aware that Team Xecuter has new products on the way that are capable of breaking the security of the new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite model. Not only does it acknowledge this fact, but it also claims that about 20 million Nintendo Switches are vulnerable to the SX Pro dongle and that 97% of the illegally sold consoles had the SX OS pre-installed. “The illegal conduct of the defendants must be stopped,” the company says.


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