Words with Friends is a multiplayer word game developed by Newtoy and owned by mobile giant Zynga. Players take turns building crossword style words in a way similar to the classic Scrabble board game. The title has millions of users all over the world and your data may, right now, be in the hands of a hacker.

A well-known hacker named Gnosticplayers claims to have carried out a cyber attack against Words with Friends. According to The Hacker News, the information from more than 218 million account logins and personal data associated with these users has thus been made available.

Zynga has acknowledged this massive data breach by “external hackers”. The company has initiated an investigation and asked for outside help. It also ensures that it is in contact with officials responsible for cybercrime.

According to the cyberpirate’s account, he has taken a lot of data, from names and email addresses to passwords, phone numbers and Facebook IDs. They all come from the iOS and Android versions of Words with Friends. To prove it, the hacker has shared in The Hacker News names, e-mail addresses, login IDs, hash passwords, password reset tokens, phone numbers, Facebook IDs and Zynga account details.

In an official statement, the study, also publisher of FarmVille, said it had perceived that hackers might have “illegally” obtained information from players’ accounts. Zynga said cyber attacks are “one of the unfortunate realities of doing business today”. According to Digitaltrends, the data breach has affected account owners who had logged into Zynga’s games until September 2, 2019. Now, the best thing they can do is change their password and do the same thing at any other site or service where the same information was reused.

Throughout this year, Gnosticplayers has hacked dozens of websites, from MyFitnessPal to CoffeeMeetsBagel. What it then does is sell the information on the deep web or dark internet. Obviously, everything indicates that it will do the same with the stolen data in Words with Friends and his announcement is just a “marketing strategy” to raise the price of his “services”.


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