The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on a social level, and also within numerous industries. In video games, PlayStation announced in early April the delay of two of its exclusive games. The most talked about was clearly that of The Last of Us 2, but the other affected was Iron Man VR, the virtual reality game based on the Marvel hero announced exclusively for PSVR. And now we finally know its release date.

PlayStation has just confirmed that Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be available on its platform next July 3rd. An adventure that will put us in the skin – or in the armour – of Tony Stark to fight the Phantom, a computer pirate who recovers old weapons from Stark Industries to use them against him. With PS4’s Move controllers, players can use the Iron Man’s thrusters to soar through the skies, unleashing their arsenal in the game’s battles.

Developers also promise a character-driven experience with moments of humor, thrill, suspense and adrenaline in equal measure. In fact, Iron Man VR has counted on the help of Christos Gage when designing its narrative, the well-known Marvel writer and scriptwriter who, outside the role, also participated in the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4.


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