In less than a month, ‘Mario Kart Tour’ will land on iOS and Android, joining other company games such as ‘Super Mario Run’ or ‘Dr. Mario World’. Following Nintendo’s tradition (and the trend of mobile games), ‘Mario Kart Tour’ will be a free, microtransaction-funded title and There will be online multiplayer.

Mario Kart’ has always been played horizontally, see Nintendo DS or Switch editions. However, the mobile version will abandon that format to bet on the vertical, as we saw in ‘Super Mario Run’. The idea is that you can easily play with one hand by moving your finger, as the car accelerates on its own. The car accelerates by itself and the player only has to control the direction and objects by touches. We will only touch the screen to get the initial impulse, move the kart, skid and throw the objects we will get from the boxes.

Regarding maps, Nintendo says we’ll be able to “drive around the world”. In the teaser published yesterday you can see different maps inspired by countries like France, China or Japan. Not all maps will always be available, but a season will be activated every two weeks and, with it, a batch of maps and different thematic characters.

Throughout the races we will get coins and maxi stars. With them we will be able to unlock more drivers, vehicles and badges, although it is not known if they will have a direct impact on the game. Each character will have their own advantages and disadvantages, so not everyone will be equally good on all tracks.

There are 30 playable characters, and there are plenty of classics like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Larry, Ludgiw, Baby Mario, Koopa Troopa, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Bowser. Maps were based on maps from other games, such as the 3DS Toad Circuit or the Luigi Mansion on the Nintendo DS.

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