Riot Games is expanding its mobile game catalogue and, ten years after the launch of ‘League of Legends’, is finally starting to look at the mobile market. After launching ‘Teamfight Tactics’ a few weeks ago, Riot has just released ‘Legends of Runeterra’, its new title for smartphones. It is a card and strategy game based on the ‘LoL’ universe that, like all the games of the firm, can be downloaded completely free.

Legends of Runeterra’ is the second of three games that Riot Games has prepared for mobile phones. The first one was Teamfight Tactics; and the third one will be ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’, an adaptation of its well-known MOBA for PC. Be that as it may, today’s game is ‘Legends of Runeterra’, also known as ‘LoR’.


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