Six years after PlayStation 4 was released, it looks like the time has come to make way for the next generation. Mark Cerny, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Jim Ryan, architect of PS4 and this new console, have given a press conference in which they have confirmed what everyone expected: PlayStation 5. They confirmed something that players wanted to know: the release date will be the end of 2020.

This Sony console will share many things with Microsoft’s new one: Xbox Scarlett will also be released at Christmas next year and both are based on AMD’s Ryzen. Both will have a Navi family graphics processor and an SSD storage disk that will reduce load times. The discs that PS5 will use will be 100 Gb optical and will have a 4k Blu-ray player.

Although the installation of the games will still be necessary, it will offer the option of only installing or deleting certain parts of the game such as the campaign or multiplayer. The interface will be renewed, as expected, but will be optimized to quickly start games and send notifications of rewards, missions or other notices without needing to enter the game.

It is not yet known what the name of the controller will be, but it could be called DualShock 5 following the trail of the previous controls. Although it’s not yet known how it will be, they have confirmed that it will have “adaptive triggers” with different resistances to offer a more realistic gaming experience. You’ll also have haptic feedback to improve vibration so you could feel the difference between driving on a straight line and on a curve, as you notice a different, more sensitive and stiff vibration when you turn. Toshi Aoki, product manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said that they have been working on this technology since the development of the DualShock 4, and thought about including it in the PlayStation 4 Pro, but preferred to wait.

With these and other new features, it looks like PlayStation 5 plans to become one of the big stars of the new generation. However, we still have to wait, as it is not known when the company will officially present it, as well as its videogame catalogue and design.


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