This CES 2020 Sony has made it official: its next generation console will be called PlayStation 5 or PS5, which will be launched by the end of this 2020.

PS5, following in the wake of a successful name

PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan appeared on stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center to show us what will be the logo for the new console, which will maintain the essence of what is now a highly recognized brand around the world.

Ryan also took advantage of the scenario to confirm some of the PS5’s main specifications:

  • 3-D audio.
  • New haptic features for the controller, with new adaptive triggers.
  • High-speed SSD storage for maximum loading times.
  • Ray-Tracing.
  • Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive.

Ryan mentioned that we’ll have to keep an eye on the next nine months, as they will be intense in terms of information about the new PS5 in preparation for its launch.

On the other hand, this presentation also served to update the figures of the current PS4, which has already become the second best-selling home console in history, only behind the PS2.

According to Ryan, to date, the PS4 has sold 106 million units worldwide. In addition to more than 1.15 billion games sold, five million PSVR units sold, 103 million active users per month and 38.8 million PS Plus subscribers.

Without a doubt, it is going to be an interesting year, where Sony is looking to give continuity to these figures and transfer them in some way to PS5.


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