Three years ago, in 2016, Warcraft: the Origin, the film based on the universe of the popular video game Warcraft, was released. Produced by Legendary Pictures and directed and co-written by Duncan Jones, the film left a bittersweet taste. The fans liked it very much, which proves that it was respectful of the original story, but the rest of the audience, including the critics, were rather cold.

The fans liked to see the World of Warcraft universe in a movie; that impression of reality. It happened with the props. Objects and characters were faithfully represented. This was taken care of by Weta Workshops, which had previously worked on the Lord of the Rings saga. The good thing, for those who can afford it, is that now many of them are going to auction.

Prop Store, a site dedicated to selling props used in movies and television series, has organized this auction. The company’s website offers more than 400 objects, of very different coat, which were used in the film. From the sword and the shield or the coat of King Llane to the dagger of Garonne, passing through three jugs of beer or the bust of an orco.

As an example, these three pitchers cost at least 150 dollars; the sword of King Llane is already in more than a thousand dollars; and the bust of the orco already means spending 500 dollars. In any case, it will be even more. Those prices may still go up because the auction began on the first day of July and ends on the 12th.


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