Coffee Stain Studios AB and Easy Trigger Games are pleased to announce Huntdown, a bounty hunter game inspired by an 80s pixel art style that is easily recognizable. On May 12, this mix of shooter and comedy will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC exclusively at the Epic Games Store. This is their fantastic launch trailer.

You can clear the streets of crime in cooperative mode or go into lone wolf mode, as you like. Set in a desolate future dystopia where sadistic gangsters rule the city and the police are powerless to do anything about it, only three legendary bounty hunters have the arsenal and instinct to take back the corrupt city from the hands of this evil-doer felony.

Inspired by action movies and 80’s pop culture, Huntdown is an old school retro side action arcade with 16-bit pixel art style and handmade animations. It combines fluid 60 fps action with an 80s soundtrack that features dark wave, industrial techno, hard rock and electro across 20 unique levels.


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