There are countless articles online about how to get better at playing video games. The problem is that most of them focus on a specific game. Also, there are many that have really bad tips like stop socializing and be single. This is definitely not something needed to be better at playing video games.

While there are definitely different tips that you can read based on the exact game that you play, there are also general tips that can help you improve your entire gaming experience. By taking into account the tips below, you can be better at everything, from raiding in Destiny 2 to building better decks in Heartstone.

Get The Best Gaming Gear You Can Afford

Gaming equipment cannot be dismissed. There are many that will tell you that this is not important but this is simply false. You cannot get better at video games with inferior equipment, even if you are really talented.

Obviously, it is possible to be good even with sub-par gaming gear. However, this is very rare these days. People often focus on the professionals that use old school gaming gear but these gamers are just exceptions. They are not the norm.

You do not need the most expensive gaming gear. For instance, a really flashy gaming mouse with many lights is not necessary if you get the same technology in a cheaper mouse.

You Have To Keep Practicing

It is impossible to get better at any game if you do not practice. There are many that complain about the fact that they cannot compete with better players but do not know that those players simply play a lot more than them. Just as you get a lot better at playing basketball in the beginning by playing basketball, you get better at a video game by playing that game.

When you play, you have to be critical of what you do. Usually, people blame others. This stops you from improving. When you play a game, you have to see what you did right and what you did wrong. After you realize your mistakes, it is simpler to improve.

Watch And Analyze Replays

In the heat of the moment, it can be impossible to realize what you do right and what you do wrong. One of the essential things in gaming is watching replays. This offers a huge advantage. Just talk to any professional out there and you will see that they often review replays to see what they could have done better and where they made mistakes.

Fortunately, most gaming developers realized how important replays are. Most of the competitive games offer replay/spectator modes. Also, you can always record the games that you play with various software that was created for this purpose. Choose the option that is the best for you and schedule time to watch replays. This might be boring at times but it will help you to drastically improve.

Focus On Teamplay And Communication

There are countless very competitive games that simply rely on teamwork and communication. Some examples that can be mentioned include CS-Go, World of Warcraft, Fortnite and League of Legends. While there are many situations in which one gamer ends up carrying the entire team, in very competitive games, when everyone is skilled, the difference stands in communication.

When a team has different ideas and plans, everything goes wrong. You have to be able to communicate with your team and you need to have good teamwork skills.

The good news is that you do not have to use something like voice chat. Every game that features teams has some sort of communication method. As an example, in LOL you have Pings.

Extra related tip: Do not be toxic when using chat since this only makes communication bad and the other players will not be interested in helping you win.

Watch Gaming Streams By Professionals

Professional gamers have professional contracts for a reason. They are really good and are usually much more than just skilled. You want to watch professional gamers stream and see what happens during competitive tournaments.

Besides the fact that you see gaming at the highest possible level, commentators and gamers talk about what happens. The information that you receive from the gaming streams is very valuable. You end up being up-to-date with what happens and you basically end up improving without even realizing that this happens.

In gaming, knowledge is power and you get knowledge by playing and by listening to others.

Play Private Matches

When you and your gaming friends did everything that is written above, not much can be earned from random matches. The team that has coordinated players and that communicates in a great way will destroy random teams. You end up being demolished simply because those teams know exactly what has to be done to win and communicate so that this happens.

A great way to improve is to reach teams at around your level and better teams to arrange private matches. This gives you new challenges and even makes the entire gaming experience more fun. You will surely have some rivalries but with most gamers, you will have a good relationship. Talk with those that are great and see if you can go up against them.

Enjoy Playing The Game

Unfortunately, when you no longer enjoy playing a game, it is time to seriously consider what happens and think about changing the game. Many say that you do not need to have fun when you play a game but as soon as this happens, motivation and drive go down.

Whenever you play a game, you have to enjoy it. Sometimes, you enjoy getting better and winning tournaments. In other cases, the problem is the toxic community. No matter the situation, you need to take steps to enjoy the game again. Find out what motivates you and what helps you to have fun.

In the situation in which you simply cannot have fun, no matter what you do, it is time to change the game. You will surely find something else you will love.


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