Guerrilla Games presented Horizon 2: Forbidden West during the PS5 digital event. The sequel was expected to follow the success of the first one and the video revealed some of the new robotic creatures we’ll find in this story that takes us to new and lush settings inspired by San Francisco. The studio didn’t date the game but now we know it will arrive in 2021, and therefore it won’t be at the console’s launch – unlike other projects, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

In a new video, with no more scenes from the game but with commentary from Guerrilla Games, director Mathijs de Jonge explains that the name refers to locations ranging from Utah to the Pacific Ocean. The world will be more detailed, vibrant and immersive than in Horizon: Zero Dawn thanks to PS5’s “virtually no loading screens” for fast travel, checkpoint restarts or gameplay.



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