ALFIFI, the Spanish Association of FIFA Leagues with Transfers, has called a demonstration in front of the headquarters of videogame developer EA (in charge of football titles) for eliminating Matchday system from FIFA20 (the title that goes on sale this Friday) and for maintaining the handicap in online game modes.

The platform has issued a statement explaining how it will be “the first real manifestation in history against EA’s policies”, as shared on Twitter. The concentration, scheduled for Friday 4 October at 7 p.m., in front of the company’s offices in Madrid (Spain), is due to the elimination of Matchday, which helped users know if other participants were manipulating players’ statistics for their own benefit.

They also complain about the handicap (a protest that FIFA players have been demanding for years). The statement explains that these are algorithms that include the game in which the worst player benefits unfairly, something that EA has always denied. “Stop the scams. We will fight for a clean and fair football simulator,” the association claims.



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