It will be the new game given away in the PC shop and you can have it forever once you add it to your account before May 21st.

Epic Games has confirmed the rumors of the last few hours and Grand Theft Auto V is the new game that will be available for free at the Epic Games Store. Since last week, when Death Coming was offered, Epic placed an image of “mystery game” that will be officially announced today; however, the official Epic Games account revealed it in a message that was soon after erased. It will be free until May 21st, and once added to our account it will be ours forever.

Free Grand Theft Auto V is a major coup for Epic Games against its rival, the Steam de Valve store. It’s the biggest game to hit the platform since this program began, and while the Rockstar title debuted in 2013 and for the past generation of consoles, GTA 5 is still one of the top-selling games every week in almost every territory, and it’s no coincidence that it’s the second best-selling game in history just behind Minecraft. In February, it was announced that GTA 5 had reached 120 million

Its online mode, GTA Online, is one of the most successful multiplayer options at the moment along with Fortnite-type battle royale thanks to its constant updates. With Grand Theft Auto 6 still far from being released, it seems clear that Rockstar wants to extend the life of its multiplayer mode for years to come. Grand Theft Auto Online exceeded last year’s revenue projections with the launch of Diamond Casino, an online casino.


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