GRIS is a video game released at the end of 2018 by Nomad Studio. It has been a great job. The title, the first one of this small studio, already got the popular applause at last year’s Gamescom.

Distributed by Devolver Digital, this video game, born from a large landscape painted with watercolor, has continued its career. It will only be for Switch. The Spanish studio has announced it on Twitter: “Finally we can talk about something we’ve wanted to share with you for a long time… We’ve worked hard on the physical edition of GRIS for Nintendo Switch. The preorders will start on June 25th, we will share more details of this soon”.

Nomad Studio’s tweet doesn’t say so, but those video game preorders can be ordered until July 17.

The title was nominated for the Annie Awards 2018 and by March had reached 300,000 copies sold (downloaded). To celebrate, that month Nomad gave an update to all those who already had it. It included music and a series of designs that didn’t appear in the final delivery.

‘Gris’ had a polemic with Facebook, which censored its advertising. The social network rejected the GRIS ad because it contained “sexually explicit” scenes. Stephanie Tinsley, representative of Devolver Digital, considered it “really stupid”. In the end, Facebook  explained the “problem” wasn’t the GRIS trailer, but a link to the publisher’s Instagram account where you saw a man with his back and naked showing his ass. What a scandal!


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